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They are a comfortable, 100% wool slipper that is smooth in texture and not at all scratchy to me. They slide on an off easily, but don’t fall off when walking. They are also as cute as a button.

Although these are advertised as winter slippers, I find them perfect for spring. My feet never feel hot or sweaty in these slippers because wool breathes! This is exactly why I wanted wool.

I consider these to be solely indoor slippers; I have mules for outdoor chores.

I am very happy with these slippers. I would buy them again..


Of all the things I gotthis year, these slippers were simply the best. When I come home and put them on I experience a sense of luxury very few belongings can impart. The are very light and perfectly warm but never hot. They are really only for inside use. I washed them in the washing machine this week (it was not recommended) and though the flowers were a little smushed, they held together fine. I wish I could give them to everyone who needed slippers. This is my first review mostly because I had a continuously nagging feeling that I needed to share my experience.

P. Crowley

Just got these slippers today, so I can’t vouch for how well they’ll hold up over time, but they appear to be well constructed. I consistently wear a size 8 B in all of my shoes, and the size medium fits me perfectly. I think they might just fit somebody who’s an 8.5, but unless there’s some length variation from pair to pair, they might be a bit short. I’ve had them on for a few hours now, and they fit well and are easy to walk in — no sloppiness or slipping off. There’s a small but comfortable bit of arch support, and they stay on well. I like them so much that even if they don’t hold up to a gentle washing when the time comes, I’ll happily buy another pair.


I am truly in love with these slippers! I have never owned wool slippers and wasn’t sure what to expect. We cloth diaper and my daughter wears wool pants at night. I am a bit of a fan of wool but slippers made me curious! I found these and thought they were super cute! When I got them they came in a nice shoe box. They are amazing quality! As soon as I get home each day, they go on my feet! I love these! You will not be disappointed! They keep my feet at an even temperature it seems because they never get hot and they never get cold! I want some more in different colors now!.

Alexis Peterson

I love these slippers. They are quiet, breathable, and very comfortable. I was very leery at first because my feet can get very hot – hot to the point where I’ll walk on our cold tile floor to cool them off. But I was wanting some slippers to walk around the house in. Previous slipper I have own make my feet sweat because they get so hot. These are so breathable that my feet do not get hot and I don’t have to walk on a tile floor to cool my feet off! I was also afraid the material would be scratchy but they are not. Best house slippers I have ever owned.


These are really comfortable slip-on wahed-wool slippers. Perfect for lounging around the house on cool evenings. Easy to slip in and out of because there are no backs … your feet just slide into them – and can easily slide out too until you get the hang of wearing them! The support is more than adequate for their exclusively indoor/short-distance walking around and the feel of the soft wool is a welcome contrast to the often overly-warm feel of fleece (real or man-made) used in most slippers.

There is something earthy and honest about them and they are easily worn for hours on end. I leave them outside the shower when I get into it in the morning and just slip into them as I get out. By an hour later, they are completely dry and ready for long-term day and evening wear.

I love these and easily recommend them to anyone looking for a change in what they wear on their feet while lounging around (with or without socks!)

D. Reinstein