What is pilling?

Pilling (sometimes referred to as bobbling) is the formation of fuzzy balls on the surface of wool clothing, and often results in an unsightly or worn out appearance.

How to avoid pilling?

When applying a domestic softener or conditioner in the final rinse stage during either hand or machine washing, add a minimal amount. The presence of excessive softener or conditioner on the already very soft Merino wool item can assist in migration of the Merino wool fibres out of the yarn structure and to the fabric surface which invariably will result in the formation of pills.

How to remove pills from slippers?

There are a number of methods to remove pesky pills if they happen to form. From removing pills by hand or using a special device, your clothing will retain its as-new look and feel.

If not too many pills have been formed then they can usually be removed by hand. This should be done routinely after drying, or just prior to ironing.

A comb can be used to remove pills, but this should be done very gently and carefully so as to not damage the item of clothing which may lead to the formation of holes.

Small battery operated pill and lint removal devices known as either “de-pillers” or “fabric shavers” are low cost and generally very effective at removing pills and giving your clothing an as-new appearance again.