size guide

If you are not sure which shoe size suits you perfectly – please follow the 4 Steps laid for you below

Step 1 – Time of measurement

Get a piece of paper or cardboard, a pen and a ruler or measuring tape.

Measurement should preferably be done in the evening or after you have rested.

A long day and longer periods of sitting down or standing up might lead to swollen feet, compromising the result of your measurement.

Step 2 – Create usual conditions

Step on a piece of paper and mark, with a perpendicularly held pen, your heel and longest toe. Please make sure your entire sole is on the paper. Once heel and the longet toe are marked, try to follow the outline of your foot with the pen.

If you intend to wear the slippers with socks, you should put some on to make sure their additional thickness is factored into your measurement. To provide stability to your feet while measuring, you can place a book behind your heel.

Step 3 – The distance from toe to heel

Now please grab a metric ruler or measuring tape and write down, using the drawing, the length from longest toe to heel (in cm or inches) of your longer foot. The disparity in size might seem insignificant to you but be assured, it might well make the difference between a good and a bad fit.

The size of the longer foot is the key to determining your actual shoe size. Most of times, feet are not of equal size. Just in case you’re unsure of which foot is the longer one, do measure both.

Step 4 – Convert your results easily

Done measuring? To convert sizes or measuring units [cm or inches], please use the conversion tables below

If convenient for you, measuring can also be requested from mostly any Shoestore in town. Please remember to write down values in cm or inches.